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A.P.B. Rom-Coms

What happened to the rom-com? Where'd they all go?

I did a quick, unofficial Google search for romantic comedies and the closest one I found listed was Silver Linings Playbook. While I enjoyed that movie, it's not a romantic comedy. It has elements, but it's not a rom-com. The next closest was Crazy, Stupid Love, which I like quite a bit. But again. Not a romantic comedy. The Proposal. Ok, not bad. That works. After that was Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Now, I wasn't a biggest fan of that movie and while yes, technically, it's a rom-com, I also think it delves into a straight-comedy at times.

But that's when I started to think about comedies that have rom-com elements, but are not in that genre. I watched Dirty Grandpa the other day. And it was a raunchy sex comedy that somehow attempted to squeeze in a rom-com element, as if to give it heart. That seems like a trend. Elements of rom-coms being placed into movies for heart. And this leads to the demise of the rom-com as a genre.

posters of 90s romantic comedy movies

While You Were Sleeping, Sweet Home Alabama, Just Friends, Sleepless in Seattle, Notting Hill, Dan in Real Life, The Wedding Singer, 13 Going on 30, etc. - Where have these movies gone?

They'll be back. It's all cyclical. Just like how soon we'll be seeing the reprise of slasher Horror movies, which went into hiding after the late 90s.

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