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#MovieNight - The Experiment

This week, you're going to see some focused activity on this blog and my social network. (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Don't be alarmed. In fact, feel free to join in.

I'm currently finishing up my final semester of Graduate school. I'm earning a Masters in Interactive Media from Quinnipiac University. It's been a two year journey, which has seen me shelve many writing projects in favor of essays and presentations. It culminates with my capstone project.

#MovieNight is a community-based endeavor designed to bring the long-standing tradition of movie night to the social space. Basically, I talk up one movie for a whole week with blog posts and fun facts and on Friday, I watch the movie - hopefully with everyone else as we try to sync up our movie experience. As I watch the movie, I live-tweet and I welcome others to join and we share our experience of watching a movie together, from different locations on the globe.

Indiana Jones and the idol

And that's it. So, this Monday, November 13th, I'll start posting about a movie of a certain man who wears a fedora and searches for the Ark of the Covenant. I'll post and share thoughts all the way up to Friday, November 17th, when I'll watch Raiders of the Lost Ark at 8pm. Please, feel free to participate. Follow along. Pop in and out all week. After it's all said and done, I'll be looking for feedback for what worked, what didn't work. What you might like to see it become in the future. If you think it's a really stupid idea. (What? No!!!)

I hope you enjoy what #MovieNight could become.

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