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The Stories Keep Coming

So through all this going back to school. Writing. Working within the local film community, I continued to get a steady paycheck as a manager at the local move theater. "You still work here?" - Yes. I get asked that often. And no, it doesn't make me sad. The money is too good to leave...for now. But also, what happens is the stories keep coming.

It was quite easy to write two seasons of the comedy series, "Scenes from the Movies" because many of the episodes were taken from real-life interactions between employees and customers. Whether it was a woman making a Frodo doll to join her when she watched Lord of the Rings every single day, a customer blaming a bathroom incident on someone else even though it was clearly him or being asked by my boss to check out a woman's chest in the middle of the lobby - it all happened.

In the years since the last season of Scenes was done in 2013, I have continued to work at the movie theater and the stories never stopped. That's why it made perfect sense to revisit the employees of our unnamed cinema for a brand new season of Scenes from the Movies.

Season 3 will consist of 10 brand new episodes set to premiere later this year. We spent this past Saturday shooting the first 5 episodes at the lovely rmedia studios and will return in a few weeks to shoot the rest. Some new faces have joined the mix, along with some old ones.

The fun is back. Everyone's favorite customer-hating crew is back. Scenes from the Movies is back.

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