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I'm Out Of Excuses

There's a new movie coming out in March from Steven Soderbergh called Unsane. It stars Claire Foy (who is great in The Crown), Juno Temple and Amy Irving. Watch the trailer before reading on. Please.

Pretty interesting, right? The entire movie is shot on an iPhone camera. All of it. Let that sink in. They used the devices that 98% of use every day and shot a movie with that camera that's attached. That's not only insane, it's unsane! (Sorry. I couldn't resist)

But seriously, I have no more excuses anymore. Now, I'm not saying I can make some gigantic space epic with explosions and laser effects. That costs a lot of money. But I can make something small. I can make something intimate. And you can, too. I love beautiful cinematography as much as everyone who lights sets for a living, but if you're story is strong, it's not going to matter what you shoot on. Call Me By Your Name was shot on one 35mm lens. One!! And it's a great story which has you thinking about it days after watching it.

But what about sound, Mike? Well, you can get an inexpensive digital audio recorder or...use another smart phone. What about actors, Mike? They're all around you. Clint Eastwood used the real-life heroes for his new movie 15:17 to Paris to play themselves in the movie. You can find someone to encompass the story you're telling?

Go tell your story. You have the tools around you. Do it.

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