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That's a Wrap!

Will & Grace came back. The X-Files came back. Roseanne is coming back. And now, here comes Scenes from the Movies! The comedic classic (someone one time said that, right?) about employees of a movie theater that hate customers is returning for a Season 3 almost five years after the finale of Season 2.

Shooting for Season 3 commenced over this past weekend and I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude for everyone involved in the production this season. We rescheduled around snow and availability with great ease to lens ten episodes and three promos in the span of two separate weekend days.

Clapper for Season 3 of Scenes from the Movies

It was great to revisit the acrimony of this unnamed theater and its workers. Many, if not all, of these episodes are based on real-life experiences of myself and others. Yes, we had a customer who made a doll for her to watch the movie. (Mannix) Yes, customers take popcorn bags out of the trash can looking for free refills. (Free Refill) And yes, customers think Google is a movie website. (That's in Season 3)

We had three returning cast members this season, as John (Greg Barone) and Jack (Michael Butler), graduated to management while Garrett (Shaun Mitchell) remains the employee with a love for great work ethic and now revenge-filled fantasies after being passed over for management. They are joined by the jaded post-grad, Sheila (Emily Santarsiero) and the new hire, Eve (Aislinn Otero) who fall right in line with their dislike of customers, hard work and the overall movie theater life.

Thank you to all of you for returning and joining us for the first time. I hope you had great fun. A show like Scenes from the Movies can only be successful is everyone involved is having a good time while doing it. No doubt, that energy translates onto the screen. Thank you to Renato Ghio and Alicia Ghio of RmediA for joining the production as they opened the doors to their studio and helped a great deal to make this production a reality. Thank you to Aaron Miller for being our Master of Sound. He's always willing to help us out and I can't him enough for that. Thank you to Trish Clark and Patrick Whalen, friends and fellow storytellers, for if not involved Season 3 wouldn't happen. Special thanks to Michael Butler who helped "procure" equipment, the set and props as well as assist the production through the two days.

If you're a storyteller, all you can ask for is the chance to keep telling stories. I was able to do that over the past month and soon you'll be able to see all of our hard work.

And then perhaps...we can start working on Season 4.

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