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I haven't directed anything since last year when we did the 3rd season of Scenes from the Movies, which was last year around this time. And I haven't directed a short since we did the prequel of the highly-promising feature Life Ends @ 30 called "Escape the Room", which I believe was three years ago, but it's been so long I can't remember. And the last project I directed that wasn't a comedy was my first web series, The Puzzle Maker's Son. Nine years ago!

This brings us to Noppera-bō. Adapted from the Japanese folklore about a faceless woman who haunts a

Good Samaritan, this short is something new and different and, of course, exciting.

Noppera-bo hand drawn image

And here's my pitch for money.

I tease. I'm going to be updating the blog from time to time, providing progress on the short in all its phases. For now, I wanted to provide some background on our ghost story. I'm collaborating with Renato Ghio, an excellent DP/Cinematographer, from Rmedia. Renato and I have a vision for this piece, which if we can pull it off (and we will), should be something special.

So about that money pitch...

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