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Save the Forest - 15 years later

This summer marks the fifteen year anniversary of the production for Save the Forest. I remember much of that shoot, good and bad. Honestly, they're was not much bad, if any. The summer was hot. We were sweating even while shooting at night. And some of those nights were long ones.

Save the Forest tells the story of a group of movie theater employees trying to stop their small-town theater from being sold and turned into a multiplex. Insert a romantic love story with two of our friends, add some hi-jinx and you have an homage to the 80s comedies my friends and I grew up watching.

Here's the trailer:

I should point out the lighting is not a result of our cinematographer, but rather the transfer. This clip is over 10 years old and was shot on a DVX-100. I know, right? So old....

Everyone involved came together to create something funny and hopefully came away with some lasting memories. It was one of the last productions, Up on the Roof, ever did as it was constituted back in the day. Back then, Up on the Roof, was five friends wanting to make movies. Life happened, as it always does, and we all went off in our own paths. We're all still friends and we're all still creating in our own way.

I'm still in contact with much of the cast and crew. Every now and then, checking in on each other. Of course, we all would've like Save the Forest to be a springboard for other projects, but what I've come to learn is that the need for me to tell stories is not from a place of fame or success. The satisfaction is seeing a story come to life, creating with good people and sharing in a great experience. We create for the sake of the art.

Save the Forest was one of those great experiences and I will never forget it.

Cast and Crew of Save the Forest on the last production day


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